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17076200_644138035797068_7140298106427408384_nMiss Universe 2016 just ended few months back with the terrific victory of French beauty, Iris Mittenaere and the pageant fanatics have already started to ponder as to who will succeed this royal queen as next Miss Universe. While some countries have already crowned their delegates for the coming edition of Miss Universe, many countries are yet to look for their worthy representative.

Now coming back to the question as the title of this blog post suggests, “Is the Miss Universe crown Due for South Africa in 2017?” Demi Leigh Nel Peters was crowned few weeks back and she has gained a lot of attention in the pageant world of course for the right reasons. Praised for her soft yet subtle beauty and eloquent demeanour, Demi is totally on the win win position when looked from the perspective of Miss World pageant. But after huge controversies which encircled last year’s edition of Miss World pageant, wouldn’t it be difficult for the Organization to crown a country which walked home with this very title just three years back?

Furthermore, Demi Leigh Nel Peters, though ostentatious doesn’t match the high bars which Rolene Strauss has set for the sash of South Africa at Miss World. When Rolene Strauss competed at Miss World pageant, not only did she emerged as a runner up at Sports Fastrack Challenge, but also did exceptionally well at Closed Door Interview, Beauty with a Purpose and Multimedia. Hence to meet up the high expectations of Miss World Organization for this gorgeous South African, is not only a little tough but also unfavourable at the given time and circumstances.

17332785_244212409374958_2823187406453211136_nNow coming back on the other side of the story, the Miss Universe pageant! Miss Universe pageant has not been much triumphant for South Africa. South Africa has been competing at Miss Universe pageant since 42 years and has won one Miss Universe crown along with bagging four runner up titles and 21 placements. On the other hand, the country has been competing at Miss World pageant since last 61 years and has won three Miss World crowns along with 12 runner up titles and 35 placements, making the nation prefer the Miss World pageant more than Miss Universe. Hence, the Organization might hesitate to send Demi Leigh Nel Peters to the Miss Universe pageant.

Having said that, what if the Miss South Africa Organization takes a risk of sending the magnificent delegate to Miss Universe 2017, what are her chances of winning the title of Miss Universe? Very strong, I would say! Miss Universe pageant has changed a lot with the advent of IMG/WME. The pageant is now not at all based on how a woman appears on the surface, but how much weight her ideas and thoughts carry and if she could influence a lot of people spreading the motto of “Confidently Beautiful” across the globe.

Miss Universe pageant now looks for a confident and bold woman who stands for a substantial personality, and from this point of view Demi Leigh Nel Peters fits the bill. In addition, if we notice since last two editions when the Miss Universe pageant was organized by IMG/WME, sash factor plays highly diminutive role. The fact that Haiti stood as runner up and Venezuela could not even make it to the semi-finals, in the last year edition of Miss Universe pageant says it all.

While Philippines won its third Miss Universe crown after a long wait of 42 years and France won its second crown after the anticipation of 62 years strengthens the fact that the countries waiting for the Miss Universe crown since a long time might get benefited. This solidifies the idea that the chances of South Africa winning the Miss Universe crown after 38 years could be very much possible.

Now it all relies on the organization whether they will send Demi to Miss World pageant or will try their luck in winning the Miss Universe crown after prolonged years with such a brilliant candidate holding the sash of South Africa! 🙂 What is your take on this? Do share your opinions in the comment section below!

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