University of Cape Town Removes Statue of British Imperialist Rhodes

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If you’re looking for the widest choice of courses in South Africa and an institution with weight and prestige then studying abroad at the University of Cape Town (UCT) is probably the best bet for you. Perched on the side of Table Mountain, UCT has stunning vistas from every angle and is a popular choice for study abroad. Of its population of more than 20, 000, about 4, 000 students are international.

As South Africa’s oldest university, and one of Africa's leading teaching and research institutions, UCT has outstanding faculty and exceptional opportunities for international students in every school including Science, Humanities, Engineering, and Commerce. You'll also choose three or four courses from a wide selection including applied biology, mathematics, statistics, chemistry, computer science, marine biology and physics.

I gained a lot of independence from studying abroad. I now believe that I am capable of almost anything if I set my mind to it because I went through the experience of living abroad for an extended period of time. ”

College of Wooster Student, universtity of Cape Town

  • In addition to your coursework at the university, you will take part in the Arcadia Cornerstone course: Introducing South Africa: History, Politics and Culture, which is intended to provide a forum for reflection and analysis on current issues and challenges facing South Africans.
  • There are over 100 clubs and societies to choose from on-campus to help you get to into the swing of student life. As you sit on “Jammie steps” the popular student hangout near Jameson Hall, you’ll make friends and plan ways to take advantage of all this stunning place has to offer.

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